Foaming Sugar scrub…. who knew?

Throughout the year the weather can take a toll on your skin. Dry chapped hands, cracked lips, rough elbows. Winter seems to bring out the worst and take away the best. Moisturizing is important in keeping your skin soft and supple…… preparing to moisturize is often overlooked

Helga makes this great foaming sugar scrub. Different blends of essential oils in an exfoliating sugar base can be heaven to your skin. In a recent workshop we gave it a test.

If you have had the opportunity to see my chapped lips you will understand my elation completely! The best description of their condition at the start is sandpaper like texture. Ewwwww and so sore.

To use the sugar scrub first moisten your lips with plain warm water. Use about 1/8tsp of foaming sugar scrub on the end of your finger and gently rub it in a circular motion all over your lips. It smells divine but avoid tasting…. there is a soap component in the foaming scrub!  The mild  gritty texture of the scrub is exfoliating the dry dead skin.

After a minute or two rinse with warm water. The softness is immediately noticeable and the dry burning is gone! Moisturize with Helga’s alcohol free lip balm and you are all set and ready to try out the mistletoe!

Never too late

After being stuck in Sault Ste. Marie last week for 3 extra days due to stormy snowy weather, it struck me that my enforced idleness would be the perfect time to make good on my decision to find an outdoor cardio activity for the winter, because working out on an indoor bike is just plain BORING.  Because of some back problems,  my physiotherapist says no jogging, running, skiing because it jiggles my neck too much,  and she said snowshoes would do me good.

So today,  armed with my early Christmas present, I bravely set out to conquer the elements and pay a visit to the Northern Emporium, where I could satisfy my inner child with plenty of holiday treats and gifts, and my adult self could enjoy some great conversation with all the people that either are involved with this enterprise or just like to stop by to chat and see what’s new.

I am happy to report that I made it to the Emporium before collapsing,  but thankfully Tara Hart was there  with a glass of red to deaden the muscle pain and some yummy sesame/pumpkin seed crackers made by Helga Moore to give me some energy.  Helga has amazing bath and beauty products for sale at the shop and her products are free of harmful additives.

Happy Winter Wonderland to all who are blessed to live in the Great White North, and warm wishes coupled with sincere sympathy for those of you who can’t enjoy a good blizzard now and then.  If the roads are closed, now I’m still good to go.