What’s new you ask?

Over the past several weeks we have made many changes at Northern Emporium.

New Hours….
We are trying to work with everyone’s schedules to make parcel pickup, drop off, and shopping easier.
Tuesday 1pm-5pm
Wednesday 4pm-7pm
Thursday 1pm-5pm

New ways to pay….
We have upgraded to the Square terminal and can now accept debit cards, credit cards, cash, e-transfers and Barrick coupons

New products….
Things you couldn’t get in town before, some great prices on old favourites and great new items for your home. Is there something you would like stocked? Just message the Northern Emporium Facebook Page with your request.

Halloween decor and costume components.
Specialty foods, snacks and drinks
Arts & crafts supplies

– Gift bags & tissue
– Food items including: half & half cream, bread, chocolate bars, ensure drinks, distilled water
– Halloween costumes and accessories (gently used)
– Christmas decor is starting to arrive!
– Hand sanitizer made by the Elora Distilling Company (thanks Mark & Marty!)
– Masks in adult or child sizes to help stay safe during the pandemic.
-Crafts & School Supplies – crayons, markers, pencil crayons, notebooks, paper, bingo dabbers, beads, buttons, pinecones. This section is expanding, come in and see what we have!
– Bath and body accessories
– Fish killer caps, a great gift

And yes, we still have your old favourites….
Handmade and natural lip balms, soap, lotion bars, handmade hats, mitts, scarves, slippers, kitchenware, antiques, wood crafts.

Kids hunting vests

Handling Covid-19

We are all doing our part to flatten the curve and minimize the impact of Covid-19.

At Northern Emporium we are also putting our best foot forward and would ask that you use the following guidelines when visiting the shop:

Just inside the door we have a hand sanitizer station for your use. The awesome hand sanitizer we have acquired for complimentary use is made by the Elora Distilling Company and is 80% alcohol. The Elora Distilling company is also owned by Mark and Marty, also known locally as The Uncles!

We are expecting to stock the 500ml bottles soon! If you are interested in purchasing some for home use please speak to our sales staff. 500ml bottles will be available for $19.99+hst

As per the Algoma Public Health Unit, wearing a non-medical mask or face covering is required when inside public places. Please bring your own when you visit. Our staff will also mask-up when you stop in.

If you are in need of a reusable mask or face covering, we have them available at Northern Emporium. A variety of styles and sizes are located at the hand sanitizing station.

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Feeling all dried out from washing your hands?

All this hand washing is great, the resulting dry skin… not so much.

Chapped, dry, cracked, peeling skin can be very uncomfortable and even painful when it gets extreme. All natural lotion bars can provide relief and help repair your damaged skin.

Made with simple, natural ingredients and high quality essential oils, you can moisturize your tender bits several times a day.

Coconut oil helps to repair, beeswax to protect and avocado butter to moisturize your damaged skin.

Lotion bars are simple to use. Just warm the bar between your hands for several seconds and rub in the melted blend to the areas you need. Wait a few minutes for the lotion to soak in and enjoy immediate moisturizing without greasy residue.

Natural un-scented- no added fragrance or essential oil

Mango Papaya or Sensually Relaxing- fragrance oil added just for a soft pleasant scent.

Chamomile- essential oil that helps to repair and restore your skin.

Peppermint- essential oil that helps with circulation and can perk you up.

All lotion bars are made in small batches to ensure best quality and freshness.

Fresh batches of bars are available at Northern Emporium. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 2-4.


Have you ever walked into somewhere, inhaled deeply and just smiled? Soft and subtle scents can have a huge positive impact on your day.  Perking up your mood,  feeling revitalized and rejuvenated, calming anger and discontentment, relieving stress. Theses are just a few ways that you can be affected by the air around you.  Taking it to the next step…. making the air around you have the qualities that you want to benefit from. Enter Aromatherapy! Continue reading “Aromatherapy….”

Courier Service! Now one of our services

One of the most frustrating things about living in the north is the lack of locally available products and variety to choose from.  Many companies are making online shopping so easy and  online ordering has become a regular way of doing business for many people in our area .

Our shop and staff have recently committed to helping get  your orders to you.  Currently, we are set to receive small packages for local delivery on behalf of UPS and Canpar twice a week. We receive, sort and deliver to your home. If we miss you,  we will leave you a note and hold your parcels for pick up at the Northern Emporium,  210 Winnipeg St.