Feeling all dried out from washing your hands?

All this hand washing is great, the resulting dry skin… not so much.

Chapped, dry, cracked, peeling skin can be very uncomfortable and even painful when it gets extreme. All natural lotion bars can provide relief and help repair your damaged skin.

Made with simple, natural ingredients and high quality essential oils, you can moisturize your tender bits several times a day.

Coconut oil helps to repair, beeswax to protect and avocado butter to moisturize your damaged skin.

Lotion bars are simple to use. Just warm the bar between your hands for several seconds and rub in the melted blend to the areas you need. Wait a few minutes for the lotion to soak in and enjoy immediate moisturizing without greasy residue.

Natural un-scented- no added fragrance or essential oil

Mango Papaya or Sensually Relaxing- fragrance oil added just for a soft pleasant scent.

Chamomile- essential oil that helps to repair and restore your skin.

Peppermint- essential oil that helps with circulation and can perk you up.

All lotion bars are made in small batches to ensure best quality and freshness.

Fresh batches of bars are available at Northern Emporium. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 2-4.