What’s new you ask?

Over the past several weeks we have made many changes at Northern Emporium.

New Hours….
We are trying to work with everyone’s schedules to make parcel pickup, drop off, and shopping easier.
Tuesday 1pm-5pm
Wednesday 4pm-7pm
Thursday 1pm-5pm

New ways to pay….
We have upgraded to the Square terminal and can now accept debit cards, credit cards, cash, e-transfers and Barrick coupons

New products….
Things you couldn’t get in town before, some great prices on old favourites and great new items for your home. Is there something you would like stocked? Just message the Northern Emporium Facebook Page with your request.

Halloween decor and costume components.
Specialty foods, snacks and drinks
Arts & crafts supplies

– Gift bags & tissue
– Food items including: half & half cream, bread, chocolate bars, ensure drinks, distilled water
– Halloween costumes and accessories (gently used)
– Christmas decor is starting to arrive!
– Hand sanitizer made by the Elora Distilling Company (thanks Mark & Marty!)
– Masks in adult or child sizes to help stay safe during the pandemic.
-Crafts & School Supplies – crayons, markers, pencil crayons, notebooks, paper, bingo dabbers, beads, buttons, pinecones. This section is expanding, come in and see what we have!
– Bath and body accessories
– Fish killer caps, a great gift

And yes, we still have your old favourites….
Handmade and natural lip balms, soap, lotion bars, handmade hats, mitts, scarves, slippers, kitchenware, antiques, wood crafts.

Kids hunting vests


Handling Covid-19

We are all doing our part to flatten the curve and minimize the impact of Covid-19.

At Northern Emporium we are also putting our best foot forward and would ask that you use the following guidelines when visiting the shop:

Just inside the door we have a hand sanitizer station for your use. The awesome hand sanitizer we have acquired for complimentary use is made by the Elora Distilling Company and is 80% alcohol. The Elora Distilling company is also owned by Mark and Marty, also known locally as The Uncles!

We are expecting to stock the 500ml bottles soon! If you are interested in purchasing some for home use please speak to our sales staff. 500ml bottles will be available for $19.99+hst

As per the Algoma Public Health Unit, wearing a non-medical mask or face covering is required when inside public places. Please bring your own when you visit. Our staff will also mask-up when you stop in.

If you are in need of a reusable mask or face covering, we have them available at Northern Emporium. A variety of styles and sizes are located at the hand sanitizing station.

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Feeling all dried out from washing your hands?

All this hand washing is great, the resulting dry skin… not so much.

Chapped, dry, cracked, peeling skin can be very uncomfortable and even painful when it gets extreme. All natural lotion bars can provide relief and help repair your damaged skin.

Made with simple, natural ingredients and high quality essential oils, you can moisturize your tender bits several times a day.

Coconut oil helps to repair, beeswax to protect and avocado butter to moisturize your damaged skin.

Lotion bars are simple to use. Just warm the bar between your hands for several seconds and rub in the melted blend to the areas you need. Wait a few minutes for the lotion to soak in and enjoy immediate moisturizing without greasy residue.

Natural un-scented- no added fragrance or essential oil

Mango Papaya or Sensually Relaxing- fragrance oil added just for a soft pleasant scent.

Chamomile- essential oil that helps to repair and restore your skin.

Peppermint- essential oil that helps with circulation and can perk you up.

All lotion bars are made in small batches to ensure best quality and freshness.

Fresh batches of bars are available at Northern Emporium. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 2-4.


Learning the Longarm….. A Date With Jack

Not long ago I bought myself the most wonderful Christmas gift….. a ‘new to me’ Nolting 18″ longarm quilting machine with a 10′ frame! YAY! I have wanted a longarm for years….. my stack of UFO’s and pieced quilt tops, in storage and patiently awaiting their turn to be quilted….. are rejoicing.

Anyone that has ever tried out a longarm, tried FMQ (free motion quilting) on a domestic machine or has hand quilted knows that each way of quilting requires practice… and some more practice…. and maybe a bit of practice!

Of course I have some experience with each, most quilters graduate from one to the next to the next. After all, most of us love a new challenge!

The learning curve can be steep though, especially when your stored tops have more patience than the quilter! Which is definitely my case.

I started with a little practice swatch, about 36″ square. Once that was filled up I swapped it out for a baby quilt panel. No seams but lots of things to outline and background space to fill.

All the while, I was building my skill set. Loading the frame, advancing the rollers, learning the machines reach, how to get from one area to the next and try not to get backed into a corner, how to slow down to get smoother flow for corners…… all going marvelously! Until……. top thread breaks, loopy nests on the back and broken needles. Sighs….

So started the inevitable date with Jack….

Meet Jack…. he may be pocket sized but he loves to let ‘er rip!

As I had already  ‘graduated’ to a full sized quilt, hand pieced 50+ years ago by my neighbour and her mother (both passed long ago) which was already sandwiched and basted…. when my troubles began.

About 1/3 of the way through quilting I had to wind a new bobbin. Not thinking much if it I zipped it onto the winder and let ‘er fly! Turns out bobbin winding needs a wee bit more attention than that! It ended up too loose and uneven, Messing up my tension and causing the aforementioned horrors.

Just in the nick of time the Towa bobbin tension gauge I ordered arrived!

After taking the time to watch several YouTube videos of bobbin winding and tension adjusting, setting up a new practice patch on the frame and about 4 hours of fiddling around with bobbin and then setting the top tension….. I achieved successful stitching! YAY!

At this point a new dilemma. Do I finish what I can while the quilt is loaded or take it off to have my date with Jack before reloading and proceeding? As I was on the last row of blocks I opted to keep going while the going was good! I finished quilting as much of the top as I could as I had removed the basting stitched before noticing the nests.

After completing what I could, I added a few pins to the areas that needed to be undone,  removed the quilt from the frame and sat down for a long date night with Jack and Netflix.

If you have never picked out longarm stitching, take my word for it, it’s a tedious job at best!

After the picking and ripping and maybe just a little cursing….. the front and back looked like my Chinny-chin-chin! Tweezers were a great help in getting all the little thread hairs out… but now there are holes.

What’s a Quilter to do with that you ask? I asked the same question, didn’t have an immediate answer and put it all aside. I did however put some more marker pins in so I could see the spots needing attention before picking it up again. Sometimes the brain needs to percolate a solution.

As I was doing laundry the next day it occurred to me! I use a Conair Garment Steamer for my work shirts instead of ironing. (Ironing is only for patchwork, right?) so I thought I’d give it a whirl on the quilt top.

What a marvelous breakthrough, not only did it remove 95% of the stitch marks it also dealt with the wrinkles! To pull this off I draped the quilt over the shower rod and steadied with one band while steaming with the other. My bathroom also has the best light in the house, which made it easier to see the white thread on white background.

My next job will be to reload the quilt and get all the blank spaces done…… though it may need to wait a few days, there is already another quilt on the frame….. eeps!

So the links in my story… they take you to Amazon.ca where you can purchase the same items that I have used and trust. I always search out the best deals at the time and I love passing them on. If you do purchase something from my link I earn asmall commission on thesale, which costs you nothing! Win win huh?

Get Creative at Patchwork PoohLooZa!


Workshops are being planned for different skill levels. Have experienced and professional quilters help you make your 1st….. or 130th quilt project!

Are you just starting out? Been quilting for years? Wanting to try a new technique? If you have a request for a workshop topic message the Northern Emporium FB page.

To date there is interest in ‘the basics’, ‘landscape quilts’ and ‘choosing colours’.


Shop from a great selection, fat quarters, jelly rolls, charm packs, layer cakes and yardage…….brought right to you, from I Sew Studio!

A variety of project kits will available that include everything you need to complete a project! Kits are also available for purchase to take home.

Chalk it Up!

So it’s finally time! Time to Chalk it Up that is.

This super easy DIY transfer system is now available in White River. Tara and Janine have both signed up to be Chalk Couture Designers and can bring you great projects and all the supplies you need to get creative.

If you are interested in coming out to our debut evening just message. Space is limited……. but……. it’s not a one time deal! We will each be offering at home Make and Take events, Pop Up Shops as well as an online ordering site you can place an order for yourself!

One of the great perks to creating with chalk paste- it’s not permanent unless you want it to be! Reuse surfaces, change it up, try different colours and reuse the transfers!

Quilter’s Show & Tell!

Join in the excitement and fun of Patchwork Pooh-LooZa! to be held at Winnie’s Hometown Festival, the third weekend in August.


we are planning for a quilt lovers SHOW & TELL for quilters of all ages and experience levels! Put your quilt on display and share it’s story. All quilts have a story! The design, the quilting, the fabric and best of all…… The Quilter (yes, you!) are all a part of the uniqueness of every quilt.

Even if you are not a quilter you may know one and may have been gifted with the purest form of love….. a quilt! Quilts that have been gifted are are also welcome to join the display. Your story may involve a family heirloom, a special birthday gift or something made by Grandma.

Oh! Let’s not forget about the treasure hunts and rescues! Those forgotten quilts that are found in attics, basements and thrift stores.

Keep an eye open for updates on the Patchwork PoohLooZa! page. Show and Tell info and trade fair registration will be posted soon.

This will be a free to enter event open to all. No judging or competition is involved, just a beautiful showcase of quilts.

For more information contact Tara Anderson Hart or message the Northern Emporium Facebook page.

Chalk it Up!

What’s new and exciting?


I have been keeping an eye on the US company Chalk Couture for some time now. They have a complete chalk paint and ink stencil system that is suited to everyone that wants to get creative!

Beginners to advanced crafters can make great decor items from signs on a variety of items to fabric and just about anything else your imagination can come up with!

GUESS WHAT? Chalk Couture is coming to CANADA! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh!

They are currently accepting pre-registrations for designers in Ontario and I have signed up!

What does that mean for you? A great new hobby or business opportunity.

A designer is someone that wants to sell their products. If you think that is you, hit the following link and become part of my team:


My designer ID is CAD277371 (which you will need to sign up)

There is no financial commitment for the pre-registration and you can still opt out if you change your mind.

Here is what the starter package for the US is, the Canadian version should be similar.

Choose to be a designer or a creator and of course you are welcome to put your pieces, if you can bear to part with them, up for sale at Northern Emporium!

For more information contact Tara, either on FB it through Northern Emporium!

UFOs sighted!

I’m going to ask a silly question……. Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution? Well of course you have! I have as well. I suppose a better question (though possibly still silly) is what does that have to do wit UFO sightings?


This year, my own resolution is to deal with the UFOs. The ever dreaded ‘UnFinished Objects’ that have been lurking (ok, ok….. stored) in that cedar chest over there (insert chin jut/thrust motion here).

I have been quilting for many years, so that trunk has gotten quite full. I don’t think there is even room for moths in there…. which can be a good thing!

So, with the flipping of the calendar page I decided I needed a do-able resolution this year, one that would be fun to complete. I have always been a list maker. You know, one of those crazy people that gets a disproportionate amount of satisfaction by crossing things off the to do list.

Anyhow… I figured I should add some action to the thought so I opened the trunk….. honestly I had forgotten about some of the items in there.

Here is the first item in the list, and by list I mean this blog post. In no particular order let me introduce you to my UFOs…….

Twisted Ribbons

Vintage Dresdens

Mary & Maude

Baby Stripes

Scrappy Tree Throw

Carnival Glass

Ohio Star

Gifted Stars

Sampler Gone Awry

I will have lots of practice pieces to use and finish up as I learn my Nolting 18 longarm!

Little Evergreen 10 Minute Tree Ornament

If you have ever visited Northern Ontario, especially the northern route around Lake Superior, you couldn’t help but notice the bounty of evergreen (Coniferous) trees that grow here. This little Scrappy Evergreen can be whipped up in very little time with materials from your scrap bin and each Scrappy Tree will be as unique as the ones that Mother Nature grows!

Christmas Tree Ornament

For this project you will need:

3 fabric squares, 1 each that measure 3″, 4″ and 5″. I used 3 different green prints but you can use any colours you like.

Approximately 1″ piece of brown bias tape, cord, ribbon (for tree trunk)

1 x10″ length of yarn, small ribbon, embroidery floss, string (for hanger)

Standard sewing equipment. (Instructions will be for machine sewing, hand sewing tips will be in brackets) which include: scissors, thread, sewing machine, serger (optional)

Fold a square in half opposite corners together to make a triangle. Fold again to line up raw edges and make a smaller triangle. Sew with a serger, or machine (or by hand) across the raw edge.

Repeat with the other 2 squares.

Use the brown bias tape to make the trunk. Sew to the centre of the bottom triangle.

Lay the triangles onto each other overlapping and aligning the points. Sew through the edge stitching to secure to the triangle underneath. (Tack sew in the middle of each if sewing by hand).

Stitch the yarn or ribbon through the top point and tie into a loop to make the hanger.

These little trees make great gift toppers or tags. You can personalize with names, the year, sew on beads or other decorations if you wish.

Merry Christmas!

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