Lotion Bar

What is a lotion bar you ask?

Why, it’s lotion in a solid form. Not just any lotion though.

It is an intense moisturizer that can help to heal dry cracked skin, chapped hands and those painful little hangnail cracks.

We make lotion bars in small batches. A little goes a long way and keeping our stock fresh is important.

Made from all natural ingredients: coconut oil, avocado oil, bees wax and essential oils. Different essential oils have differnt benefits. To explore more information about the benefits and uses of essential oils click HERE.

To use:

To use: Hold the lotion bar between your palms or against your skin for 3-5 seconds to warm and melt . Rub the
melted lotion into your hands, elbows or other dry skin areas.

The lotion will asorb in a few minutes . It is recommended that you only apply to your feet just before going to bed and wear a pair of cotton socks.

For external use only. Direct contact may stain fabrics.