Pet Supplies

Bandannas in 5 different sizes!

Our bandannas are made to slip your pet’s collar into so there is no knot under their chin!

Collar Tags are still visible!

Cebrate a season, birthday, adoption day or just because!

Many different prints are available in each size. Get matching ones for all the fur babies in your family!

Ruby sportiung her new Bandanna

Stylish Leashes

A basic necessity for any pet owner! Our handmade leashes feature a stylish fabric design, large looped handle, ring to attach accessories like poop n scoop bags or keys, and an easy to use clasp on the business end.

Shampoo Bars

Our handmade shampoo comes in bar format. Simply wet, lather, apply then rinse. Coconut oil based and a combination of simple ingredients will clean and leave a light fresh scent.

Treats and Chews

Nothing tastes as good as homemade! Check out our variety of homemade treats regularly stocked in the shop.

Peanutbutter Oatmeal Cookies made in small batches by Nanny and Pops are always a pet pleaser! Small, Medium or Large are available. Great for training and rewarding good behaviour!

Sweet Potatoe chews are great for teething pups or older dogs. Nothing else added. Did we mention they taste much better than your shoes?

Have you tried giving your pup all natural bully stick chews? Bully sticks are dehydrated tendons. Nothing else in there! All natural and rawhide free chewing pleasure that will provide several hours of entertainment.


Pets love to play! Help them stay out of mischief when you can’t be watching.

Plush toys with squeakers. Bottle Holders. Balls. Tug ropes.

Come and see out ever changing variety for dogs and cats.

Custom Coats

Help your pet stay warm when heading to the great outdoors! Enjoy longer walks on cold days. Winter coats are made with fleece or synthetic wool lining and feature a D Ring on the back to attach a leash.

Paw Protect

Use paw protect on your pup’s pads either before going out for walks and to play or when you come in. Apply a small amount to each pad to help protect from chapping, chafing and irritation caused by the cold and ice melting products on walkways.

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Pet Gift Baskets

We make custome gift baskets tailored to the size of your furry friend!

All of our unique products are available to be bundled for gift giving.