Sewing Tutorials

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All the tutorials, instructions and patterns offered here have been made by myself and are free for non-commercial use. If you wuld like to sell what you make from my tutorials please contact me.

Dog Bandanna

Pet Bandanna

This pet bandanna (scarf) is something I came up with several years ago and couldn’t find online at the time.

My dog disn’t like her bandanna to be knotted or tied on, the bulky knot interferred with her drinking and eating and doing general doggie things…. soloution, make it so her collar could slip through a casing. Easy Peasy!

I hope your furry friend likes this style as well.

You will need a square of fabric, standard sewing supplies and the desire to make it. Beginner level Skills.

Plaid fabric gift bag with a tree ornament

Christmas Tree Ornament

I love to give handmade Christmas ornaments to my family members each year. My brother in law collects ‘trees’ so I thought I would make something for his collection.

Usually, I use the ornament as a decoration on a gift in place of a traditional bow.

You can embellish it, add names and dates, even make it in different colours!

Simple Binding Method

Binding – This is how I do it!

A nice each slim binding for quilts, pot holders or any other edge you would like to finish.

I usually just cut my strips width of fabric but recently tried cutting them on the bias for some little vests I was making. It will work both ways!