We are renovating!

Our poor old building needed some TLC to fix a couple issues. We started with the outside renos this spring, taking out the very unsafe cement steps in the front and replacing with a new deck and stair set in steel. While we were looking at steps, and had some leftover cement, we did a back step re-do as well.

A huge thank you goes to out to Ron at NorON Mechanical in White River for the design, fabrication and install.

Stage 2 of the outside.…. A facelift on the front of the building.

A bit of insulating, some new siding….. a new look! It’s very exciting as it all comes together.

The outside is almost done!

I love how it’s coming together. As we are only a a few short weeks away from snow, the landscaping part will have to wait for spring.

Many of you have noticed that the inside of Northern Emporium has been getting a facelift. Photos to come! We are working on creating a space that will house the many great products we would like to bring to you.